Weddings come with many different shapes, sizes, families, tastes, venues, atmospheres, etc…

For over twenty years now I have adapted and learned from so many weddings…that I honestly feel that I am ready for whatever one may throw my way. I LOVE doing weddings. Its the main thing I do for a living. I don’t have any other job, but, being a DJ. This is what Ive always wanted to do and I take so much pride in giving people a great time.

After my experiences with weddings, I know they are ALL different. Which is why I love to talk with you and customize your wedding for you. Just how you want it! You want a photo booth? Uplights added to enhance the mood of your venue? Maybe add colored uplights to match your color scheme? ┬áMaybe you don’t like country music that much? Maybe you LOVE country music! Hate rap, love rap! Must have some Motown music and Michael Jackson! You want your parents wedding song played as an awesome request/dedication to them!! NO JUSTIN BIEBER! I mean, whatever type of music you are into/not into, we will discuss and make sure your party is bumping!!!!

I would be honored to perform for you at your wedding and do everything I can to make it perfect. This I can easily guarantee you! I love doing what I do and you will witness it, if I get the chance to give you the wedding reception of your dreams!

-DJ Chachi

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